LEO Grant

Web Designing Grant is available in Ireland Through Local Enterprise Office

Sevenoways Innovations LTD

               If you’re looking to create an online presence for your business but you’re worried about the cost, don’t worry – there are grants available for you.

With the Local Enterprise Office grant, you can get up to €2,500 or 50% of the costs off the price of developing your project. We have worked extensively with many Irish businesses on procuring their website vouchers and completing stunning, stylish websites that have great ROI conversion rates.

During these times of uncertainty, finally there is some good news for small business owners. If you are looking to get your business online, this is the perfect opportunity for you. We at Sevenoways Innovations LTD are delighted to announce that we will be supporting this initiative.

We plan on making it easier for small businesses to access this grant. We realize that you will have a lot of questions that need answering and we are here to help you with it.


Because we firmly believing in helping start-ups and small businesses, we are offering to completely help with your application process, all you need to do is attend an hour-long webinar by registering with your local enterprise office and we will take care of the rest.

As a part of our initiative, we will offer free consulting and training to you so that after we hand over the website to you, you will be well prepared to manage it. 

Using our experience, we can create a set plan for you to not only survive but thrive during these times. 

All you need to do is attend an hour-long webinar by registering with your local enterprise office and we will take care of the rest!

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Does My Business Qualify For The LEO Online Trading Voucher?

You have less than 10 employees
You have products you can sell online OR your clients can pay for your services online
Your business is working from an area covered by an Enterprise Office (Check here)
Your turnover is less than €2m per year.

What Does The LEO Online Trading Voucher Pay For?

A website design and build
A website built using a content management system (that allows you to update the website in the future)
Domain registration (your .ie or .com address)
One year hosting
Online marketing (up to 30% can be spent on things like Google Adwords, PPC and SEO)

What The LEO Vouchers Can Be Used For With Ireland Website Design

Design, development or upgrade of a website
Implementing online payments or an online booking system
Content writing and search engine optimisation
Business branding or rebranding
Purchase of online advertising (this purchase cannot make up any more than 30% of approved voucher costs and can only be drawn down in one payment phase)
Development of an app (or multi-platform webpages)
Implementing a digital marketing strategy i.e. social media marketing

Application Process

First, get in touch with our team and we will help get you ready for the process ahead. Next, you will need to attend an information seminar, organised by your Local Enterprise Office. You will then complete an application form. This must be accompanied with a quotation for the development of the website. You must provide reasons to support your choice of web designer – this is usually focused on ROI. You are under no obligation to go with a cheap web design company because of price. The LEO do not consider price relevant, they just want to see a return on investment. This must all happen before the start of your website development and before any payments are made.

Payment of Grant

The grant will be paid once the following conditions are complied with:
Web site is live and has been inspected;
Original invoices are submitted at time of claim;
Proof of payment is provided, which must be in the form of an original bank statement or an online statement that has been stamped by the bank;
The home page of the website acknowledges the source of funding and accredited in a prominent position. This must include the European Union logo and your Local Enterprise Office logo.
The grant must be drawn and fully paid before the completion date as detailed in the Letter of Offer.